Welcome to SS No.9 Cattery.  We are dedicated to raising happy, healthy, well socialized cats.  Our mission is to be an asset to the Tonkinese Breed.  Quality, not quantity, is most important.

We are a small, closed cattery producing all four colours.   Kittens, once they have had their first set of shots, run the house in the evenings.  Tonks adjust well to other pets and actually prefer to have another animal in the house, be it either another cat or dog.

All pet quality kittens are spayed or neutered before they leave my home.  The surgery is done at 12 weeks of age, stitches are removed from the females one week later, and then the kittens are ready to leave for their new homes.  It is amazing to see how fast kittens recover from their surgery at this age.  Typically I pick them up in the afternoon after the surgery and they would like to be running the household that evening if I would let them.

Breeding cats can be a passion with a touch of crazyness thrown in to stir the pot.   Without all the cats, wonderful people, fun, tears, and work, life might be a bit quiet.  Boring seldom happens in my home.

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